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June 27 2024

Edinburgh University & Online 10 AM to 4pm BST

About the Forum

The annual Analyst Relations Forum discusses analysts’ impact and the role analyst relations has to play to contribute to business success. If you are an analyst relations professional or an executive at an IT vendor, we would love to welcome you to our forum and welcome you to join the discussion. The 2024 Forum is organized by the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

With four presentations and a concluding panel, the forum is a unique opportunity to:

• Debate the ongoing transformation of analyst relations
• Network with technology analysts, analyst relations professionals, technology leaders
• Discuss the partnerships needed for AR transformation

The theme for the 2024 forum is:

Managing the Hype?


How and why do analysts launch, adjust, and abandon market-defining categories?

  • Analysts, categories & hype: In award-winning research, Neil Pollock, Robin Williams, and Luciana D’Adderio focused on the ‘Big Three’ industry analyst firms to uncover that these firms create ‘client-induced categories’ by continuously aligning category definitions with client interests through a set of processes termed ‘category-work,’ ‘figuring-work,’ and ‘client-mapping.’
  • Analysts: the agony and the ecstasy: Industry analysts have increasingly complex roles. Peer reviews change their access to customer insights. Some clients need insights on less tangible factors like providers’ diversity/inclusion and sustainability approaches. At the same time, AR responsiveness and proactivity are slipping at many firms. As a result, some analysts are less confident about the quality of relationships, trust, and recommendations.

AR has the unique ability to decode and deliver messages from providers to analysts, but the claims of it becoming ‘hype’ have divided professionals across various areas.  2024’s AR Forum addresses this question with expert insight and hard data.

  • “The AR Forum is a great event and one that is firmly on my calendar every year”

    "As an AR Professional, the annual AR Forum is a valuable experience providing insight into industry issues, best practices and most importantly, a fantastic opportunity to catch up and engage with peers."

    - Caroline Dennington

  • “The AR Forum is a much-needed event for AR professionals”

    “The AR Forum is a much-needed event for AR professionals, especially for the many of us who run solo programs. I found lots of new ideas for doing things differently as well as validation of the things we are doing right. The networking and connections are invaluable.”
    -Robin Schaffer, UNIT4
  • “The AR forum had an impressive attendee list of AR professionals representing many of the leading IT companies across Europe”

    “The forum covered interesting, relevant topics that are crucial to the successful management of modern day AR. The sessions encouraged the sharing of ideas and best practices. They also highlighted the value that analyst firms, both large and small, can bring to clients. In addition it provided a great networking opportunity. All in all a great event!”
    -John Burton, EPAM Systems
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Bringing together the most forward thinking innovators in the IT Research and Analyst Relations Industry

The Analyst Relations Forum is the event for the Analyst Relations community organised by Kea Company. Each year the AR Forum is crafted with care to bring together an exclusive mix of people from across the world who are active in the Analyst Relations and IT Research industry.

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